What Tax Records Should I Keep?

Keeping tax records is an important thing not just for entrepreneurs but also for the average taxpayer. Forgetting to keep the right paperwork can cause problems later on if the IRS inquires about your finances. With that in mind, what kind of tax records should you keep?

There are everyday items to hold on to such as paystubs, mortgage records, W-2 documents, and 1099 forms. If you’ve made any home improvements or given charitable donations then keep records of these as they can be counted as deductions. It’s important to note though that you can only deduct your charitable contributions if they are over $250 and you have written proof of the gift.

In addition to this, you should keep any documents that note any loss you might have experienced such as home burglary or identity theft. Indicate the value that was lost, when the crime occurred, and the documents that law enforcement filed subsequent to any encounter.

Most importantly, store away your old tax returns, as these can be crucial years later if you happen to go through an unfortunate audit. The statute of limitations for your tax documents is for six years, so make sure to keep your reports on file for that amount of time. It doesn’t hurt of course to keep documents longer than six years, just make sure that they do not clutter your file folders and such.

There are many options these days for online storage of documents such as DropBox or other cloud services through companies such as Amazon, Google, or Apple. Storing documents online is safe and affordable, just make sure that you centralize where you store your online records. If you distribute them over email attachments, personal databases, or multiple cloud services this can get tedious to go through all of them come time for tax filing. Consolidate where you store you records and April 15th won’t be a thing to worry about!

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