QuickBooks 2013 – Changes for the Better

Some people give QuickBooks a bad reputation for interface problems and constant trouble shooting but the newest release is sure to turn those negative connotations around. There are new features to help guide the even the “technologically-challenged” person around.

  • User Interface:

The User Interface has been improved significantly. The entire system has new fonts, graphics and tools to create a sleek, modern interface. It has created a cohesive theme to better represent the brand. No more confusing fonts on different pages or different themes for different sections – one theme, one interface.

  • Simplified customer forms:

The transaction windows have also changed to a new “ribbon” interface very similar to Microsoft Word. (Meaning a set of icons you’re probably already used too.) These changes will again create a more user friendly way of doing business.

  • Easier access with better navigation:

They have added a left icon bar to create easier navigation through the system. It might be hard to adjust to this at first, but once you get used to it, the changes will be beneficial to time saving and stress-relieving.

  • Quicker access to contacts and calendar:

Get access to your contacts. vendor information and more at your fingertips with new tabs. Also, scan past transactions, invoices and more items in a calendar view to quickly maintain your monthly business.

All-in-all, an abundance of customer requests were satisfied with the 2013 QuickBooks. With every program, there will be things that aren’t quite perfect and there will always be room to improve, but this version has a lot going for it. Like I said earlier, you will have to acclimate yourself with the differences if you are a long-time QuickBooks user, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes and upgrades.