Tax Tips for Freelancers

Austin, Texas is one city filled with freelancers and contractors. And its adding more and more
freelancers to the area as it continues to grow. (Fast and furious, might I add.)

Here are some tax tips every freelancer should know:

1. Get a tax advisor. We will save you money and prevent a huge meltdown come April. We live,
eat and breathe IRS documents and tax equations.

2. Set up a different bank account for your business dealings: earnings and expenses. Not only
does it make it easier on you, it makes it easier on us. Use a separate credit card for business
expenses, too.

3. Pay your taxes quarterly, more often if you are the type to spend what you have.

4. Set aside a percentage of your earnings into a special account just for taxes. DON’T TOUCH
THIS MONEY! (Unless an emergency happens, of course!)

5. Relax. Taxes are not that bad if you keep up with them and keep yourself organized.

Couple meeting with financial advisor.