What TO SPEND Your Tax Return On

Tax Day has officially come, so now it is the season of returns. If you’re one of those lucky people getting some money back, don’t splurge! Use this money wisely and watch your money and life grow!

1. Education: Whether this is a college fund for your children, paying off your student loans, or investing in skills for your own future, like design or language classes, this is a great investment! Investing in yourself is always worth it- just don’t use this concept for buying clothes or items that depreciate!

2. Outstanding Loans: Any loans, debt, mortgages, car, or student finances there are accumulating should be paid off so you can live debt and worry free!

3. Savings Account: One way to “use” the money is to create a savings account/ rainy day fund for those unexpected expenses that happen in life such as medical bills. Your future self will thank you!

4. Necessary Items: Though these are more splurges and the above items are more important, we all have those “necessary” items we need. Make sure these are practical and truly necessary, but if you need a new coffee maker to fuel your days or a dining room table to seat your family, treat yourself with this extra cash!