Payroll for Small Businesses

Small business owners are busy and may not have time for all their tasks, yet their employees deserve to be paid on time.This is a task that can easily be accomplished by a CPA. Not only will your employees be paid in a timely manner, complete payroll services include:

1. Payroll entry and calculations to ensure each employee is paid appropriately.
2. Direct deposit of paychecks can easily be achieved and tends to be a favored perk by employees.
3. E-Payment of Payroll Tax Deposits
4. E-Filing of all Federal and State payroll tax returns so you are always in good standing with the IRS.

A CPA can also offer after-the-fact payroll services, such as catching up on past due payroll tax returns and updating all of the books. A CPA can easily remove all payroll pressure and make filing your taxes a breeze!